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People are 90% more likely to click on your company, when using online ads. 

People are spending more time in the digital world than ever before.

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Advertise to People Already Searching For You

75% of people say paid search ads make it easier to find the information they are searching for on a website or search engine

Instead of trying to catch people's attention while they're engaged with something else, advertise to an audience that is looking to convert now. Unlike other forms of advertising, people are explicitly typing out what they need. 

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With more people at home on their phones and in front of their screens, this is a perfect opportunity to use PPC/online ads to connect with your target market and gain a competitive advantage. 

Get In Front Of People in the Digital World

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Instead of cutting back on ads, you should consider ramping up ads and digital marketing initiatives. 

This gives you an opportunity to gain market share and beat out your competitors. 

As a certified Google Partner, we find Google ads to be an essential piece of our process. It provides you with leads while your website is rising in the rankings, and it shows us which keywords convert best for your business. 

We also know how to follow your prospective clients away from Google and across the internet so you never miss an opportunity. You might call this stalking, but it works!

Blackburn Flags Success

Over the past two years, we have worked with Blackburn to double their website sales, traffic, and engagement. 

Google and Bing ads were a major tactic used to achieve these results

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“I cannot thank you enough for everything you all have done for us! From the very first phone call to the ongoing commitment, you have shown our company. You have a top-notch company and I would recommend you over and over again.” 

Krista Schindler
Marketing Director | Blackburn Mfg. Co.