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What is International SEO?

If a portion of your manufacturing site traffic is coming from across the globe, it is time to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to cater your website to those international users.  We can make search engines easily identify which language and site content to display based on the user's location. With the growing number of low cost smartphones and the expanding middle class, billions of people across the world now have access to the internet. The only way to reach these people is by utilizing international SEO. So get ahead of the crowd, or else you might get left behind.

Why do you need it?

People can understand your site.

You can embrace cultural differences.

You will show up on the right search engine.

You will gain local traffic in the global market. 

Does your site have the language of the locals you are targeting? Does your site use localized keywords about your product and services? This is one of the most important steps in international SEO. It is vital to conduct keyword research for each country and use popular words used in that country.

Although Google is king in a lot of countries, it is not always the search engine of choice. Did you know that in mainland China Baidu is the leader of search engines? Targeting Hong Kong? You better focus on Yahoo. When building your international marketing strategy, it is important to understand search engine preferences.

Is your site structured easy to navigate or findable. Should your site structure use ccTLDs, subdomains, or subdirectories? Technical...we know. But it matters! Is your site set-up correctly to gain traffic from all over the world.

Just because the design of your website works in the US, does not mean it works across the globe. You need to consider what colors, symbols, and layouts represent in different countries in order to optimize global traffic. People like familiarity and are less likely to get confused if your site resembles the styles in their home country.


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